Chipotle Now Has Tofu On Its Menu

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The next time you stop at Chipotle for a burrito the size of your calf, you'll find a new protein option on the board.


All California locations now offer "sofritas," made with organic tofu from non-GMO producer Hodo Soy, chipotle chilies, roasted peppers and spices. "It's so flavorful, if you served it to a panel of people you'd never know it [was tofu]," Chipotle's culinary manager Nate Appleman told the Los Angeles Times.

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I think people should be wiser about eating soy too often. If one eats a lot of processed foods (which contain soy oils as stablizers) and also consuming soy milk and tofu, which are all unfermented, one could be adding unwanted toxins such as goitrogens that kill your thyroid and metabolism. It is a myth that Asian cultures eat a lot of soy. They eat it in small amounts and if it is unfermented, it is eaten with mineral rich foods to combat the toxins. Stop trying to replace meat and eat your veggies!

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