In-N-Out Sends Restaurant a Cease-And-Desist Letter for Its Use of "Double Double"; Restaurant Responds By Renaming It "Cease & Desist" Burger

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Take a lesson from Underbelly, a Houston restaurant and wine bar which was sent a cease-and-desist letter from In-N-Out when the burger giant discovered that they were using the trademarked term "Double Double" to describe their burgers. What did Underbelly do? Well, they ceased and desisted alright, but by renaming that burger (one that reportedly uses two cheese slices and two beef patties butchered on the premises) the "Cease & Desist" burger.


Underbelly isn't the first to be sent such a letter by the Irvine-based company, but they are the first in my recollection that has turned it into a publicity boon. Ever since they announced the rename in a tweet last week and Eater picked up on it, the story has been spread around some major news outlets, ending up in no less than Time Magazine's blog. And there's this, the restaurant has told Time that ever since they renamed it, the "Cease & Desist Burger" has become one of their most popular items.

Also, in a recent Facebook post that seems to thumb their nose at In-N-Out just a little bit further, owner Chef Chris Shepherd shows a picture of himself eating In-N-Out Double Double wearing no less than a sanctioned In-N-Out chef toque.

In light of all this, perhaps Underbelly should now consider trademarking their "Cease & Desist" burger themselves.

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Joe Pinney
Joe Pinney

Of course, if In-N-Out would get on the ball and open up some locations in Houston (like they've been promising for the last few years; they've opened several in the Dallas Metro area and are soon to open some in Austin), this may have never happened in the first place....


This isn't the first time that some sleazy burger joint or dirtbag "chef" has ripped off In-N-Out's "Double Double." In-n-Out will just do what it has in the past--open a new store next to the inposter restaurant and put them out of business.

Jeff Keller
Jeff Keller

They should have renamed it "Double Trouble" or "Attempt at :15 of Fame Burger".

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