Spotted in OC: A Bruxië-Esque 'Waffle Taco' At Taco Bell

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Brand Eating
Is Taco Bell trying to slide onto Bruxië's turf?

A Waffle Taco was spotted on the breakfast menu at locations in Newport Beach and Santa Ana. It's a folded round waffle filled with a sausage patty and scrambled eggs, served with a packet of syrup. Instagrammer Sarah Chavez, whose photo was picked up by Brand Eating, declared, "It was awesome!" Move over, McGriddle.

Orange County seems to be ground zero for the waffle sandwich craze. Along with waffle-juggernaut Bruxië, there's Iron Press and now Gaüfreé, a new shop planned for Irvine. Jack in the Box has its own waffle breakfast sandwich, but let's face it--without the fold, it just doesn't look as fun.

The Waffle Taco is available for 89 cents at Taco Bell on Jamboree Road in Newport Beach, and on South Grand and Warner avenues in Santa Ana, Foodbeast reports. Let us know of other locations offering the item in the comments.

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Jessica Bullard-Nolan
Jessica Bullard-Nolan

the breakfast waffle taco isnt bad. they have it at the Lake forest location off Rockfield

Jillian Schragen
Jillian Schragen

Hmmm...seems like they enjoy borrowing from other places.... chipotle,bruxie... who's next?

Todd Fujimoto
Todd Fujimoto

Yeah, definitely more like a McGriddle than a Bruxie sandwich

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