Teri-Rocki Road: Cal-Mex-Asian via Northwest Arkansas?

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Hey, Teri! Wha'cha doing these days? We first spotted you on Superior in Costa Mesa last month, and immediately looked you up (thinking you were an Angeleno with Asian persuasion). To our surprise, you were kinda complex-- NWA complex. It intrigued us.

Delving further into your past, we uncovered your home turf was none other than Northwest Arkansas, yet your long-term goal was always to come out to Cali. It's been over a month, though. And we're sorta impatient.


We see you re-tweeting our pals at Dogzilla and Dos Chinos, even picking up eats at Kala and Rolling Sushi Van. But nothing of your teri-rocki bowl or ribeye wrap. Your adorable school bus wheels caught our eye, but we need substance sustenance to back it up. What's going on?

Stalk Teri-Rocki Road at www.terirockiroad.com.

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