PETA Promotes A Vegan Diet With . . . Animal Sex (NSFW)

The rebel activists at PETA are known for using shock tactics to grab people's attention (i.e., "Let's promote animal rights with women masturbating with asparagus!"), so their antics shouldn't surprise anyone. And yet, I feel dirty after watching the latest ad.

For 46 seconds, animals--horses, rhinos, water buffalos--do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Seeing all this thumpin' and bumpin' in the wild is supposed to make you want to go vegan because, as the tagline says, "Vegans have a bigger sexual appetite."

According to PETA, vegans are friskier because their diet is free from the artery-clogging cholesterol found in meat, eggs and dairy products, leaving them with better blood flow and a body that functions better in the sack. But the claim is up for debate--vegans are also at risk for zinc deficiency, which may cause male sexual dysfunction.

It does seem vegans are multiplying like rabbits these days. Google Trends shows that more people are searching for the term "vegan" than ever before.

Anyway, watch at your own risk. I prefer this type of animal porn, but that's just me.

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