Medieval Times ... The Movie?!

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Medieval Times
Here ye, here ye, my lords and ladies! Medieval Times, the famed fake castle where you can watch a jousting tournament while gnawing on a turkey leg and chugging ye olde Diet Pepsi, may be headed to the big screen.

Deadline reports that production companies Benderspink (The Hangover Part III) and Broken Road (Jack and Jill) are hoping to secure chain's rights and then shop a feature film project to the movie studios.

We predict that it would be a comedy about people who work at Medieval Times, not a story set in the Middle Ages. I can already picture Will Ferrell in armor.

Until we have further news, you can always make a stop at our Medieval Times in Buena Park for some kitschy, hokey fun. Good den!

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Harrison A. Yerden
Harrison A. Yerden

Can't wait for the prequel, "The Fall of the Kingdom of the Dancing Stallions!"

Dominic Irizarry
Dominic Irizarry

Only if the concession stand is going to give out flagons of ale and roasted turkey legs with each ticket purchase.

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