Macy's Food Truck Stops At South Coast Plaza Tomorrow

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There are a lot of food events this weekend. Too many, in fact, for us non-Supermen to attend at the same time. But heck, here's another. Macy's Culinary Council is celebrating 10 years as, umm, as being Macy's Culinary Council, with a cross-country food truck tour that visits various Macy's with a Macy's Signature Kitchen, basically their version of a food court.

The stop at Macy's Home Store at South Coast Plaza is tomorrow, Saturday, May 18 at 1 p.m. What's special about a food truck, even a Macy's one? The hot dogs and ice cream are reportedly free!

*Thanks to JB for the tip.

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South Coast Plaza

3333 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA

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