Layer Cake Bakery Opens Second Store in Fullerton

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Photo by John Gilhooley
As Anne Marie said in her blog post of a few months ago, Irvine's Layer Cake Bakery was planning a second store in Downtown Fullerton. Well, the day has come: Ehrline Karnaga's ode to butter, sugar, and flour has now opened Layer Cake Part 2 at 101 N Harbor Blvd.

It debuted this past Saturday, and though they haven't updated their online menu, one should expect the same cupcakes, tartlets, éclairs, and macarons that Ms. Karnaga bakes at her Irvine store.

Eat a scone and sip coffee as you hold on to the hope that her defunct sausage house Valhalla Table might come back someday.

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Layer Cake Bakery

4250 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA

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