Burger King Introduces Its Own Version of The McRib

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The King will have an answer to The Clown's cult sandwich the McRib. Called the BK Rib Sandwich, it will have a similar boneless pork patty formed to look like it came from a rib, served with pickles, a tangy BBQ sauce and a sweet bread bun.

The new sandwich will be rolled out with the rest of BK's summer menu in a few weeks, including sweet potato fries and a return of its pulled pork sandwich. Just like the McRib, it will stay only for a limited time with a price point of about $3.50.

Although this writer does not understand the appeal of the McRib, I do thank it for inspiring one of the most classic Simpsons episodes on record. Here again is the RibWich YouTube clip I roll out whenever I get a chance to talk about the McRib and any and all versions by McDonald's competitors.

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