Virgin America's Seat-To-Seat Drink Delivery Service Makes Air Travel Even More Awkward

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Virgin America
In line with its lounge-like ambiance (purple mood lighting--rawr), Virgin America is now encouraging mile-high flirting with its new seat-to-seat drink delivery service. The concept is simple: Pick a cutie on the flight (perhaps that brunette next to the emergency exit?) and order him or her a cocktail using the touch screen in front of you. You can even add a little message ("Are you in 10C? Because you're the only 10 I see.") Then wait for the sparks to fly, 35,000 feet above sea level.

Fun, right? Except ew. First, it's air travel. If you're like me, you fly in sweats and no makeup, and are usually sweaty from having to lug your bags across the airport and hurl them into the cabinets. And what if you're creeped out by the sender? Sure, there's the option to decline the drink and block the person from contacting you again, but then you're stuck with the casanova on an airplane--for hours, possibly. You stare straight ahead and slump in your seat cross-legged because you don't want to get up to pee. Awkward.

Buuuuut then again, what else is there to do on an airplane?

Richard Branson explains the service in this video:

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