Vegan Pizza Opens in Garden Grove

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If Pizza & Chicken Love Letter wins the prize for the most fanciful pizzeria name, the new Vegan Pizza would win for the most no-nonsense. Vegan Pizza serves, you guessed it, vegan pizzas. It just opened in Garden Grove and claims to be the first vegan pizzeria in Orange County. As far as I know, that's an accurate statement. Though Native Foods and other vegetarian eateries offer vegan pizzas (some of them actually great), Vegan Pizza is certainly is the first pizzeria I've heard of to be named as such and that specializes in it.

A substance called "cheez" is used instead of cheese. And along with pizzas where one can pick one's own toppings, they also offer a Mexican pizza with black beans and corn; and Indian Pizza with curry and grilled bell peppers sauteed in garam masala.

But you can't call yourselves a fan of irony if you go to Vegan Pizza and not order the so-called "Meat Lovers," which I can safely assume, contains vegan ham, pepperoni and sausage.

Also on the menu: hot dogs, corn dogs, burgers and Buffalo wings. "And don't worry, everything is 100% vegan," Vegan Pizza's website states, as if there was any doubt. I mean, your name is "Vegan Pizza."

12022 Chapman AVe Garden Grove, CA 92840 (714) 750-8686  

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Went during their soft opening.  I had the sausage and cheeze calzone. The calzone was a good size and I thought I would only eat half of it and eat the other half for dinner, but before I knew it was gone in a matter of minutes - it was that good. I wanted to taste the chili cheese fries.  It wasn't the usual mess, but expertly topped with beans (are those real cumin seeds in the beans? ).  Tasty and loaded with flavor - great choice.   I ordered the chocolate cake to go for my better half and he was happy, happy, happy - loved the chocolate cake.  They're going to have to quickly expand because this place will soon have lines out the door - it's that good - did I say this already?  Can't wait to try their Hawaiian pizza!

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