Tamra Barney, Real Housewives of OC Member, Under Fire for Calling Fiance a "Beaner"

Cracker, meet Beaner

I do not watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, not because I'm a snob (I'm all about The Real Housewives of Atlanta--wasn't Kenya CRAY CRAY this season?!) but because I find all the cast members insufferable and interchangeable. So when I started receiving emails that Tamra Barney called her Latino beau a "beaner" in the show, I had to remember: who was she? Was she the one with the Jesus jugs, or the one with the nice daughter that helped out my chica in the emergency room, or the one whose son kept getting arrested? Oh, she was the blonde? Um, okay...

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Anyhoo, on this past week's episode, Barney and her fiancé, one Eddie Judge, were at a Mexican restaurant--probably Javier's, as that's a favorite scene for the show. As an aside, Barney said she liked going to Mexican restaurants because it allowed him to express his "inner beaner."

Viewers immediately took Barney to task for using the racial slur, and Barney knew it was coming and refused to apologize. "After you watch [the] episode and you feel the need to tip me a new asshole for saying "Eddie's inner beaner just came out" know this..He calls me "his cracker or his honky" and I call him "my beaner." she wrote on her Facebook page. "We're weird like that! Not Racist!"

Although I will not pass judgement on the nicknames couples give each other, I still find this entire episode offensive. Honey: "beaner" is SO 1970s. Only people with no sense in reality and Carlos Mencia still use that antiquated term, whether insultingly or endearingly. What are you: some clueless South County type? Oh, wait...

And Eddie? Only Chris Rock can call gabachos "cracker." Since you're apparently part-Mexican, get with the Reconquista: if you want to insult your gal with a food term, call her your hot tamale--or, better yet, your concha.

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