Miyabi, A New "Japanese Grill and Shabu Shabu", To Take Over Sushilicious Space in Irvine

Photo by thatguy542

When Sushilicious took over the space that Gen Kai left behind at the shopping center across from Irvine Valley College three years ago, it seemed to have a lot of promise.

Here was another revolving sushi restaurant that would be cheap enough to be accessible not just to students from that community college but also UCI, which wasn't that far away. It was, in fact, closer to UCI than Kula Revolving Sushi at Diamond Jamboree.

But Kula trudges and Sushilicious closed last October. Now another Japanese restaurant is taking its place. We don't yet know much about Miyabi except the sign, which says that it's going to be a "Japanese grill" and also offer shabu shabu. What does "grill" mean? A yakiniku? A teppanyaki? More details as they come.

Thanks to reader thatguy542 for the tip and the picture!

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Location Info

Sushilicious - CLOSED

15435 Jeffrey Road, Irvine, CA

Category: Restaurant

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