Mee So Hungry Closes in Long Beach; Seaside Salad Opens

Edwin Goei

I've never tried Mee So Hungry, but I cringed a little every time I passed by it on Belmont Shore's Second Street. I took a picture of it once on the way to another restaurant, never really deciding then whether I thought the 2 Live Crew allusion was stupid or clever, but I never gave it a second thought after that. I wish I did.

Now it's gone (it closed sometime in January, actually) after two years in business. The restaurant that replaced opened about a week ago. It's called Seaside Salads, whose title is neither stupid nor clever, but it has a menu that might be just clever, considering the hip neighborhood.

There's not just tofu and quinoa, but also tempeh. A new item just debuted: Vegan tofu scramble with garlic spinach and kale, quinoa, asparagus and balsamic syrup. And they're taking suggestions and comments from customers on Facebook.

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JBinOC topcommenter

According to the sign in the photo, it was actually "Me Soo Hungry."  

So I guess it wasn't owned by the Mee family.  

Or maybe people thought it was owned by Viets (e.g. Lee/Le's, Mee/Me's) and dismissed it as unauthentic. 

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