LinX To Offer Breakfast Corn Dogs

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LinX will be serving a better, homemade version of this...hopefully without the chocolate chips...
I reviewed LinX this week for the dead-tree edition, but it was, alas, too early for me to try what promises to be their most intriguing and calorically irresponsible item yet. LinX announced via its Facebook a few days ago that it plans to start serving breakfast beginning April 20th. They'll feature not just eggs and bacon, mind you, but a breakfast sausage on stick, dipped in pancake batter, deep fried like a corn dog, and served with maple butter.

It reminds me of a Jimmy Dean product that Jon Stewart ridiculed on his show (shown above), one that I never got around to trying but have always piqued my curiosity. But rather than using this as reason to go to Walmart and finally pick up a box, I will wait. If there's anyone that can do this well, I believe LinX will. Besides if you've never had sushi before, you don't go to 7-Eleven, you bide your time until you can get to a properly vetted sushi bar.

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