Gamers Can Now Order Pizza Hut Directly Through Their Xbox

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Flickr user craigmdennis
For gamers focused on fighting zombies, slaying dragons and assassinating evil rulers, it's tough finding a break to pick up the phone and order dinner. At last, that hassle is over thanks to a new service from Pizza Hut and Microsoft.

Hungry players can now order pizza, wings and breadsticks directly through their Xbox 360 console via the online service Xbox Live. For Xbox Kinect users, ordering is as easy as using voice commands or hand motions.

To get their grub, gamers must download a Pizza Hut app, sync their Xbox Live account with their Pizza Hut account and then select their nearest restaurant location. From now until May 6, Pizza Hut is offering customers a 15 percent discount on their first purchase.

Done and done. Now back to saving humanity.

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