Din Tai Fung Is Coming To South Coast Plaza

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Oh, yes. Din Tai Fung, purveyor of the famed Shanghai-style xiao long bao soup dumplings that burst in your mouth upon consumption, is coming to South Coast Plaza.

Arcadia's Best reports that the 8,000 square-foot restaurant won't be here until April 2014. Sigh. Still, SCP sounds like an ideal spot for the Taipei-based chain--you can peruse fancy shops while waiting two hours for your beautifully sealed orbs filled with piping minced pork. Rumor has it that the restaurant will be located in the Sears wing.

The Costa Mesa location will mark the fifth Din Tai Fung in the U.S. Two are in Arcadia, one's in Seattle and one is being built at Americana at Brand in Glendale.

H/T Grub Street

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Well now we know - Rainforest Cafe is closing and I'm sure that's where Din Tai Fung is going to be.  So excited

JBinOC topcommenter

Love how South Coast Plaza just trumped the recent restaurant recruitment blitz of Fashion Island and the Irvine Spectrum in one fell swoop.  Stuff it, Irvine Company!  

Also wondering exactly where on the Sears wing it will be.  The only other food vendors I can think of 'round there are McDonalds, Rainforest Cafe, and Starbucks (and that nasty, but gone and lamented, Del Taco).  With the cluster of kid shops (and that eminent nexus of immaturity, Abercrombie & Fitch), doesn't seem like a place serving dumplings with scalding broth will fit it.  Or will it?  


@JBinOC The only thing that big in that wing is Claim Jumper...

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