Burger King in Japan Introduces a Burger Perfect For Anime-Watching

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Overseas branches of American fast food staples have been amusing me for years with their specials. The Japanese arm of Burger King in particular has been great source of entertainment, bringing us the black-bunned, squid ink burger; the grilled apple burger; and then there's that guy who ordered a Whopper with 1,050 pieces of bacon and couldn't even finish it.

Now they're offering a burger called "Shiwo Whopper" designed to be eaten while watching anime. It's actually a tie-in to a specific anime show of which I am not familiar, but here's the interesting part: the burger has no toppings. Zilch. Nada.

It is, literally, just the bread and patty.

If you think it's a sort of existential statement or a Zen, less-is-more kind of a thing, it isn't. Apparently it's practical.

It's designed this way because, Burger King says, it can be held with one hand, it's not messy, it's simple, it's less fattening, and it can be eaten late at night...apparently all desirable traits for a sandwich one eats while watching anime.

The question remains: why is it so important that the other hand's free?

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