Boozy Dippin' Dots Are Summer's Coolest Treat

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Flickr user newwavegurly
How do you bring new life to Dippin' Dots, the flash-frozen ice cream pellets that have been struggling to stay relevant?

With booze, of course.

DIYers have taken it upon themselves to create alcoholic Dippin' Dots using ice cream, liquor and liquid nitrogen. D.C. bartender Brennan Adams posted a how-to video on how to make "Cryo-Spheres" (his original name, Drinkin' Dots, got shut down by Dippin' Dots), which basically involves him squeezing drops of an alcoholic ice cream mixture into a vat of liquid nitrogen. (Pay attention to these more complete instructions if you decide to test out the frozen concoction, and remember that touching liquid nitrogen is a very, very bad idea.)

There you go. It's the buzz of the future.

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