Sabatino's Sausage Company Coming to Lake Forest


Fire up the grills! Sabatino's Sausage Company is opening a new location in Lake Forest! Winner of the Weekly's Best of 2012 Sausage category, Sabatino's makes an Italian sausage studded with chunks of sheep's milk cheese and fresh parsley that'll take on any comers from Chicago, New York, and even the Sopranos region of New Jersey.

For decades, if you wanted to buy this fine fresh sausage, you had to hump down to their severely out-of-the-way, original restaurant hidden away in a Newport Beach boatyard. Then, in 2012, they opened a second, slightly less obscure takeout joint... also in Newport Beach. Bully for all of you living cheek-by-jowl along that coast, but the rest of us? Not so peachy.

For South Countians, their third location is a godsend. Calls to reach someone at the original location who can provide solid information on the opening date of the Lake Forest store failed over the past two days.

So screw it - I'm going to relay the nugget that the contractor working inside told me "two to three weeks" before they open. Restaurant opening delays being what they are, take that with a grain of skepticism, and keep it tuned here, South County. We'll keep tabs on the place and let you know when it's open for reals.

Sabatino's Sausage Company. 24301 Muirlands Blvd. Lake Forest.

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Revised opening date: May 18th!!  It's almost here!



Thank you for the great article!!! 

Our scheduled opening date is May 11th.  The phone lines go in tomorrow!  The number is 949.595.0210.  The Sabatino family is really looking forward to this Lake Forest location!  

Al & Marie Sabatino-Grecco

JBinOC topcommenter

Great surprise, given you are Chowhound's and Stick a Fork in It's Pork correspondent.  

Lake Forest residents, your home values just inched up a bit.  

Sabatino's is one of the genuinely best food merchants in all of OC.  

You may never go to that place in your town that serves the California/SD burrito again. 

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