[W/VIDEO] Food Science Professor: Porn Industry "More Responsible" than Food Industry

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Kansas State professor Doug Powell is a legend in the food safety industry, and not just because his blog is called Barf Blog. He's someone who always criticizes anyone in food--whether celebrity chefs, food producers, government inspectors, and others--who dismiss bacteria as harmless micro-organisms, who doesn't have safety on the top of their list.

And in a video he recorded last week, Powell took it further: he stated that the porn industry is "more responsible" than the food industry.

"The food industry says, 'Well, you have got to cook your pot pies' or 'You have to cook your hamburger' or 'You have to cook your eggs'" whenever a foodborne outbreak occurs, Powell said. "That would be like the porn industry saying, 'Just use a condom,' when they shut down if they get a positive, just like that."

For those of you who don't know your porn: producers in California always immediately shut down all productions whenever there's a report of a performer with HIV--no exceptions. Powell's argument was that the food industry, when confronted with outbreaks, puts the blame on the consumers, not themselves, while porn does the opposite. And to further illustrate the point, Powell also included a slide of a woman suggestively slurping down pasta alongside his bullet points

This isn't the first time the profe has stated his golden quote. Back in 2010, he said the same on his blog. Powell's blurb starts at around 21:17, but listen to the whole thing: not only is it informative, it's HILARIOUS!

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