New BBQ Beef Stall to Open at Mitsuwa Marketplace Food Court

photo (31).JPG
Photo by JB
The corner stall to the right at the Mitsuwa Marketplace food court in Costa Mesa has seen many tenants come and go. The last one was the Loft, a satellite of the Hawaiian barbecue joint, which was successful elsewhere but faltered here, where Santouka's ramen and Miyabi-Tei's bentos rule.

The next vendor to try its luck will be Yaki-Tan, which appears to be a barbecue beef yakiniku restaurant, though it would appear that all the grilling would have to be done by the kitchen, not by the customer. 

Will the concept translate to a food court? Will we be talking about another new restaurant taking its place a year or two from now?

Thanks to reader JB for the tip-off and the pictures.

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