McDonald's Introduces Egg White McMuffin

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A yolk-less Egg McMuffin will hit McDonald's stores this April, reports say. McD's has been testing the so-called Egg White Delight in select markets, but is now ready to offer it nationally. 

The item is reportedly cooked on the griddle and will use a whole grain muffin, Canadian bacon and white cheddar cheese. The sandwiches will weigh in at 250 calories, which is just 50 calories less than a regular Egg McMuffin.

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JBinOC topcommenter

Still looks savory and delicious...leave it to McDonalds to make it work.  

I can't wait...already have my eyes peeled for coupons.....

Jennifer Rae Vliet
Jennifer Rae Vliet

if someone really wanted to watch their health, they would eat the yolk too.

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