IKEA Cakes Discovered to Have High Levels of Coliform (a.k.a. Poop) Bacteria

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So let's say you're not really that worried about IKEA meatballs having horse meat in them (the ones in the U.S. reportedly don't). How about coliform bacteria in its almond cakes? 

Yes, it's being reported that China halted the sale of almond cakes by IKEA when authorities there discovered a batch with excessively high levels of coliform bacteria, the kind of bug usually found in soil and vegetation, but especially in human and animal fecal matter.

The country destroyed about 1,800 cakes that were found deficient of its health standards. 

Almondy, the Swedish supplier IKEA uses to produce the cakes, also makes the cakes served at most of the IKEA stores served around the world, presumably including your local ones here in the U.S.

MSNBC reports the chain has removed the cakes from 23 countries after the news.

So what's worse? Horse meat in meatballs, or poop bacteria in the dessert?

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