Eleven46, New Vietnamese Restaurant in Foothill Ranch, Offers Beignets!

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Eleven46 Facebook Page

A new Vietnamese restaurant isn't news, especially in South County, the new pho frontier. But a Vietnamese restaurant that serves beignets in South County? You don't see that everyday.

Eleven46 officially opened this weekend in Foothill Ranch in the same plaza as Cinnamon Productions and Ahi Ahi. It takes over the space vacated by a Thai restaurant. Along with unorthodox banh mi sandwiches (they have one called a "Dunk & Dip Tri Tip") and lemongrass beef bowls, they're offering actual beignets covered in powdered sugar.

According to their Facebook, the name, Eleven46, is "dedicated to the memory of an amazing mother who found absolute joy in cooking for others and always made guests feel at home. She and her husband not only had 11 kids, they cared for and fostered over 270 forgotten children during the Vietnam War."

1146 is the street address of their home in Vietnam Long Beach.

This is their street address of the restaurant in Foothill Ranch:

45 Auto Center Dr. #116 Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

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JBinOC topcommenter

Oh heck those beignets in the pic look so fat and powdery. 

Waiting to hear the buzz from the South County Foothills/Beignet correspondent of Stick a Fork in It, Professor Salt!!

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