Cream Pan Introduces a New Sandwich

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Edwin Goei
I am a sucker for Cream Pan's sandwiches, especially the korokke pan. House-made hoagie bread, a deep fried potato korokke that's as close as Japanese food is going to get to the falafel, glops of Thousand Island, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a wad of leafy lettuce. It is a great sandwich, one that I wrote up as #70 in our Favorite Dishes list.

Edwin Goei
Now they've added one more sandwich to the line up: a tuna salad that uses the same hoagie bread (previously the tuna was only available with plain, crustless white bread in their finger sandwiches sampler pack) and it's better than most tunas, not overly dressed, very refreshing with the cucumbers, and, if I'm not mistaken, just introduced these days like so many other fast-food fish products because it's fish and thus Lent-friendly (along with other items, like the onigiris). 
But you know what? I still prefer that korokke pan. And because it is meatless, it's also still the better Lenten lunch option, but like we've said before, so is a half-dozen of their strawberry croissants...

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Cream Pan

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