Strickland's Introduces Rose-Flavored Ice Cream for Valentine's Day


Strickland's Ice Cream, a winner in way too many of our Best Of issues and other listicles, is at it again. It's doing what it does, which makes us like it so much: introducing a cool new flavor. Just for and only during Valentine's Day, it will be churning out rose ice cream. 

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A few months ago for Christmas, it did a limited-edition Peppermint Bark. The flavor was divine, with shards of peppermint candy that crunched and chunks of milk and white chocolate that melted in silken vanilla ice cream. 

The maple-bacon ice cream it tried didn't turn out nearly as well, but I give Strickland's props for trying as well as for using real bacon!

How will the rose flavor turn out? Well, the fun is in the trying!

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Stricklands Ice Cream

4523 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA

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