Garden Grove Medical Marijuana Dispensary Now Offers Pot Tamales!

The pineapple-pot tamale in question--YUM...

I thankfully do not have some horrible disease that necessitates me having to use medicinal marijuana, but I have a pal who does. A cancer survivor, a devoted Catholic, and a man who has had to weather horrific pain in the past couple of years, the cabrón has a medicinal marijuana card that allows him to weather the ravages of chemo. He does like his pot brownies, but I'm sure he'll freak out when he reads this: ABC Cooperative in Garden Grove is now offering pot tamales.


At the ABC Cooperative

In further proof that Mexican food has conquered America, ABC's operators began offering them due to customer demand. They don't make them on-site, but rather has someone else make batches, both medicated and not. So far, the only pot flavor is pineapple (you know, to take care of the sweet and the savory at the same time), but more will inevitably follow.

Best of all? The tamales are FREE.

The catch, of course, is that you have to not only have a medicinal marijuana card issued to you, but you have to be a member of ABC Cooperative as well. Maybe I'll ask my pal to join them and do an Eat This Now for the meanwhile, we salute ABC for joining the Reconquista!

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