Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Man Runs Into Taco Bell Waving a Gun!

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I've driven past Oklahoma City before, only eating there once: at the horrific Taco Bueno chain, which, when I wrote about it, created a revolt of readers for reasons I can't remember anymore. It's main claim to Mexican food is a big one: that's the hometown of Rick Bayless. And I once remember seeing one of those Gangland specials talking about how OKC has had a Mexican gang for over 40 years, so I guess there's Mexicans there!

At least one: the one who rushed into a Taco Bell on Valentine's Day waving a gun.

From the city that named a street after Garth Brooks:

Oklahoma City Police arrested a 29-year-old man who ran into a Taco Bell, waving a gun and claiming there were people trying to kill him.

Restaurant employees called 911 around 10 p.m. on Tuesday to the Taco Bell at 2858 N.W. 23rd Street. When officers arrived, they found the workers huddled in the back. Police then located suspect Gabriel Rivera in the kitchen, holding a gun. They say he appeared to be intoxicated.

Officers ordered Rivera to put down the gun and lie on the ground. He complied, and police handcuffed him. Rivera told officers he was carjacked by three men who put a gun to his head. He said those men were sitting in his Chevy Tahoe in the parking lot.

Officers checked the vehicle, and found no one. They did find two firearms, a rifle and a shotgun. When they searched Rivera, they found nearly $2,000 in cash and a bag of black tar heroin.

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Lol, Gustavo Arellano, you should have had more information before writing. Well you copy pasted this and the only writing you have done manages to disrespect Mexicans, while in fact, Gabriel Rivera is Puerto Rican. Maybe you should find a job that doesn't require a thought process, or actually using your time to actually write. Gustavo Arellano, #copypasteking. Wouldn't be surprised if you have ever been accused of plagiarism.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

You know that saying "where ever you go, there you are"?

Well, where ever Mexicans go, there Mexico is -- and this story proves it.

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