First Look: LinX Artisan Sausage

Anne Marie Panoringan

LinX Artisan Sausage welcomes the public this Thursday, but in the meantime . . . . some food porn! We were some of the first paying customers lined up to taste a limited menu. Scott Brandon, Jared Cook and a nonstop stream of servers, hosts and kitchen crew helped crank out orders last Friday.

Of the three offered, we couldn't resist Neurenberger (veal and pork) bratwurst, with bacon-apple kraut and beer mustard on a pretzel roll ($6). Did we mention all franks are steamed in beer, then grilled griddled to perfection? That's haute.

Anne Marie Panoringan

Belgian frites ($3-$5) are formed from hand-cut, organic russet potatoes. Doused with sea salt and fresh herbs after frying, they are served with your choice of dipping sauce. The standard fritessaus was savory like a Thousand Island, but we would've loved to dunk our sturdy frites into the curious red ranch or chorizo mayo. It took direction from both Scott and Jared to explain that some tabletops had a designated frites holder built into them; kind of like a movie theater cup holder.

Anne Marie Panoringan
Beer Brat

For something different, check out the double down burrito ($8): two griddled franks, "chili con coney", applewood smoked bacon, pinto beans, four cheeses and pico de gallo wrapped in a flour tortilla. We'd split that with you. Custom linx are also an option. Sausage and roll only is $4, but for two bucks more, diners can add a duo of toppings and sauces. Try the Sicilian-- a 250-year old recipe of spicy pork, aged provolone and basil. Then dress it up with some green tomato chow chow (that's how it reads) and fire sauce. There's even an organic vegan option, but we have nothing further to comment on that.

Next time we stop by, we may check out their daily soup ($5) "made from scratch according to the whims of our chef". Although it's more than likely we'll opt for something sweet ($5). Their version of donuts are just the holes, served with a dark chocolate ganache. Warmer weather will mean ordering the oatmeal-apple strudel ice cream sandwich with salted caramel. Throw in a dozen rotating beers on tap, and it's time to loosen that belt a notch.

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