Guy Fieri Neglects To Register Domain Name; Hilarious Parody Site Parks There

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Ah, Guy Fieri, with the constant mocking of your hedgehog hair, that scorched-earth Pete Wells review, and people going to your NYC restaurant ironically, it seems that you can't get a break. Perhaps you (or your company) shouldn't have neglected to register the domain name (the real site of Fieri's Times Square Restaurant is

Now a merry pranskter named Bryan Mytko took it and put up a parody menu of your restaurant...a menu that has gone viral in less than a day, with featured dishes like "Football: The Meal" which consists of "warm, broken hamburgers, served in a clear plastic bag, enclosed in a larger, black plastic bag, Thrown at you from 40 yards."

And that's not even the funniest thing on a menu that calls you "A Real Human Being And A Real Hero" with tongue firmly in cheek.

Let's pray the next thing that pokes fun at you is even funnier.

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