Dave Reviews OC Yelp Reviews, Part 12

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The Red Pencil Diaries return this week with five more reviews culled from the primordial grammatical muck that is Yelp Orange County. It's truly amazing what people will write and then attach their names to. You'd think that they'd realize that Yelp is social media like any other, that Yelp reviews sometimes show up in social media background checks for employment, and that proofreading is a valuable use of time when putting your public face out there. Read on... 

Jonathan N.'s 5-star review of SOTA:

I don't know who Sushi S. is, but he or she is in big trouble, because the potty-mouthed Newport Beach Urban Thug Patrol is on the case and Jonathan N. is on the case with the badly minced swear words, the ad hominem insults, the completely unnecessary use of the words "main thang", and the reference to testosterone shots.

Oh, and then there's the whole "faggot" thing. What are you, twelve? My classmates used that in school thirty years ago. Welcome to 2013, where that word isn't an all-purpose expression for things you scorn. It's hard to take someone seriously who thinks "gay" is an insult.

Then there are the problems with the content of the review itself. If you can smush yellowtail against your hard palate without biting it, you're getting old fish. "A dab of some sauce" doesn't help us in the slightest, especially when it's followed by "zingy, piney, minty, pow".

This has to be a joke review. Otherwise, I wasted time reading this review that would make a high school sophomore blush in embarrassment, and I'm still wasting time trying to figure out what bi**c could possibly stand for.

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