Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Ex-Cop Pretends to Be Cop in Parking Lot!

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If you get fired from being a police officer, you want to stay away as far as possible from crime, you know? Cops don't take too kindly to people besmirching the badge. But if you're going to commit a crime in your post-law-enforcement career, do you really want to get nabbed for pretending to still be a cop? And do you really want this to happen at a Taco Bell parking lot?

Apparently, Ryan Romano of Florida does.

From Spring Hill:

Angry at another motorist in a Taco Bell parking lot, Ryan Romano flashed a badge, authorities say.

The problem: Romano had recently been fired from his job as a sheriff's deputy in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

Romano, 31, was arrested later Saturday and charged with impersonating a law-enforcement officer. He was being held without bail Monday at the Hernando County Detention Center, in part because investigators learned that Romano had threatened law-enforcement officers at the time of his firing from the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department, according to a Hernando Sheriff's Office arrest report.

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What about the cops in Georgia who sent a message from their undercover facebook account (Misty Hancock) to the mother of a man killed in a car accident.  I wish one of you reporters would write something funny about that!

18usc241 topcommenter

It takes awhile to get over the narcotic of thinking that you are "above the law".

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