Korean Burrito Joint Opens Across From UCI

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Meranda Carter
This is not what you'll see there; but think of this meat, already cooked, and inside a burrito.

There's no doubt that the Chipotle-style of operation has inspired a lot of copy-cats. We already have an Italian burrito concept in Costa Mesa, countless assembly pizza joints like Pieology and the like, not to mention actual Mexican fast-casuals that aspire to be as successful as Steve Ells' burrito empire.

Now there's a Korean one called California Gogi Korean Grill, which takes the Chipotle model and adds Kogi's Korean-Mexican food fusion, with Korean BBQ burritos. The price point is somewhere around $7 for a burrito and about a buck more for a bento box meal.

The restaurant opened this weekend and can be found across the street from UCI at:

4237 Campus Dr., Ste B157, Irvine, CA 92612

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