10 Late-Night Restaurants that UCI Students Are Grubbing At Right Now

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4. Pho Thanh

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While pho houses are gospel in Little Saigon, what makes Pho Thanh stand out among the rest is their 24-hour service. It's clean, it's quiet and your pho is brought out to you within five minutes of ordering, ready to be seasoned and consumed by food-and-sleep-deprived college students. Pho is one OC college trend that, like boba, doesn't seem to be in danger of going out of style. 9625 Bolsa Ave. Westminster, (714) 839-9882.

3. Harbor House Café

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Friendly service that's not too overbearing? Prices that are friendly to our student loan-ravaged wallets? Portions that are enough to last the next day so we don't have to cook? Count us college students in. With just two locations--the closest one to UCI is in Dana Point--Harbor House has stayed original for over 65 years and doesn't show signs of stopping, especially with their diverse menu of burgers, Mexican food and stir fry dishes.

2. In-N-Out Burger


Every SoCal student's #1 on speed dial. Make it a party and buy over ten burgers for less than $20; that's one deal you can't get anywhere else. Hunt for their secret menu for additional options; my occasional study companion has been the animal-style fries. And best of all? Right across the street from UCI.

1. Albatros

The Mexican restaurant of all Mexican restaurants, at least for UCI student grub needs. Though this hole-in-the-wall restaurant is located in Lake Forest--a good 20-30-minute drive from Irvine--every time I go in the middle of the night I run into someone from school. It's a popular place to eat after a clubbing event because their portions are enough to fill any drunkie. Who cares that there was a murder in the parking lot some years ago, a fact that every other student seems to bring up? After trying this out, you'll want to be buried with your California burrito.

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