10 Late-Night Restaurants that UCI Students Are Grubbing At Right Now

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Ippo Sushi

Since the founding of Harvard back in the 1600s, college students have always frequented the open-til-two or the 24-hour restaurants, whether it was grog they were seeking or ramen, either as a study break or after a long night of partying at the generic frat house. Six hours of sleep and under has nothing on us, and our metabolisms still function at a rapid pace, so what's a couple thousand calories consumed at 3 a.m. to us?

So it makes sense that OC restaurants and cafés have extended their hours later and later in the past couple of years to serve the surrounding colleges and universities, especially those near UC Irvine, America's college capital of coed foodies. Restaurants with lit "We're Open" signs attract us like light attracts moths; slip in a $5 deal and we're sold. These 10 restaurants are what we animalistic Anteaters are currently hungering for.

10. Ippo Sushi (pictured above)

This Irvine-based sushi company is a delivery service rather than a restaurant, delivers exclusively to UCI students and doesn't open until 6 p.m.--when the average college student begins studying. From bowls to rolls--the healthy late night alternative--and requiring a minimum of $15, Ippo offers a great deal for you and your chemistry study group. And did I mention that the company was started by two UC graduates who've had their own share of cramming and procrastinating? Contact Ippo at www.ipposushi.com.

9. The Playground

John Gilhooley

Open until 2 a.m. on the weekends, staffed by a young, energetic bunch and run by chef-turned-cooking star Jason Quinn, this Santa Ana restaurant appeals to the UCI masses. With burgers of massive proportions and unique side dishes being released all the time, it's more than enough to hold a college student's attention--and appetite. While you're waiting for your meal you can play the Ms. Pacman machine in the corner. Modern and simple--just how we like it. 220 E. Fourth St., #102, Santa Ana, (714) 560-4444; www.playgrounddtsa.com.

8. Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles

Thumbnail image for roscoes-chicken-waffles.jpeg

When you're a student and living on your own, there's no one to tell you what time to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. At Roscoe's, breakfast time is all the time. The Long Beach location of the popular chain offers some of the best waffle-and-fried-chicken combinations you'll ever have, and good news: a new location is to be opened in Anaheim. Don't forget to take home some cornbread. www.roscoeschickenandwaffles.com

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