How Awesome is the Limited Edition Volkswagen Bus Toaster from Japan? Very Awesome

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For Christmas this year, I bought the chica something she had showed me two years ago: a limited-edition toaster in the shape of the legendary Volkswagen Kombi, the split-window bus that's the dream car of every baby boomer and their son. We own a '68 (first year with bay windows--BOOO...), and have previously owned a '71 and '74--needless to say (and I just said it haha), we're fans.

But trying to find the toaster was near-impossible. Volkswagen's Japan outpost gave them out a couple of years ago as a promotional gift for customers, and people in that Kombi-crazy island quickly bought them up, not just because of how they look but because the toast comes out with the VW insignia. They're now collector's items, going upward of $400 on eBay for A FUCKING TOASTER--and I was able to nab one, from some local cat (we met at Mitsuwa, of course).

It's cute, of course, but does it toast well?

As you can see from the above photo, wonderfully well.

Just a word of advice for anyone who takes the plunge: make sure to put regulation-size toast pieces in there. Too big, and the bread will burn; too thin, and they'll remain stuck. Otherwise, the best Volkswagen collectible since the 21-window Deluxe...

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