VegiLicious In Huntington Beach Now Open

Photo courtesy VegiLicious

Surf City U.S.A is bringing it with their progressive food scene. One week, we reported up-and-comer Avocado Cafe was prepping to launch location #3. Then Shuji follows up with another Bruxie announcement at The Strand. Well, before these ambitious ventures open their doors, Huntington Harbour Mall gave birth to a bouncing vegan eatery on the 21st known as VegiLicious.

Technically they're calling it "pre-opening", but if you're accepting walk-ins, you're open! Serving lunch only until Friday (That's when they add dinner service), their only day off appears to be Wednesdays. Not Sunday, Monday or even Tuesday-- hump day. Can you remember that?

Serving a whole lotta tofu and edamame, we are most curious about their curry dishes. Made from over 20 kinds of spices and organic vegetables, it also serves as condiment in a few of their sandwiches. We are salivating just thinking about it.

For those skeptics out there, the VegiLicious website claims states the following:

All the dishes on our menu such as soups, salads and vegan meats are plant-based and free from animals, eggs, dairy products, deep-frying, MSG and all artificial additives. We believe that our original recipes will exceed your expectations from the typical vegan/vegetarian dishes.

Guess we've got another option during Lent.

VegiLicious is located at 16821 Algonquin St, #103, Huntington Beach, (714) 377-3928;

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