Sriracha Stiletto Heels Now Available

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Hourglass Footware

Sriracha water bottles. Sriracha lip balm. Sriracha underwear. Now there's apparently Sriracha stiletto heels for that fashionista who's also a hipster foodie.

Hourglass Footwear out of Seattle offers these, um, hot heels for somewhere between $40-$200, which are apparently also available in flats, but they're really pieces of art, hand-painted and reportedly "triple sealed" so that they're waterproof and won't just peel off.

With all these products obviously inspired by Huy Fong Foods signature green-topped bottle and rooster logo, it's a wonder that the Rosemead-based firm hasn't lawyered up and demanded a cut, or at the very least offered their own official line of company-branded merchandise. Perhaps they're too busy making too much money producing everyone's favorite hot sauce.

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