Haven Gastropub Takes Over Bruery Provisions!

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Photo by Kimberly Valenzuela
Haven Gastropub chef Greg Daniels

We've barely said good-bye to Old Towne Orange's extension of Patrick Rue's Bruery (and cracked into our 30% off cheese), when word regarding the fate of this space is released. Per Haven's Facebook page they have done the following:

"We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the team at The Bruery to keep the spirit of The Bruery Provisions alive in Old Town Orange as we take over the space to bring you Provisions! The tasting room, bottle shop and specialty market will continue to operate as a space where guests will be able to enjoy great craft beer and craft eats."

The Bruery Provisions Facebook page will thus be renamed The Provisions, but the only other major change will stem from Chef Greg Daniels' influence on the menu. In addition to tasty cheeses and charcuterie, breads and sandwiches, expect a considerable prepared food selection. And, of course, the beer.

The (re)opening of Provisions is scheduled for next month. Per Haven Gastropub Beverage Director, Will Dee, "Provisions is about community and togetherness - it's about sharing a great appreciation for beer; and we want to help carry on the vision that was started a few years ago." We'll gladly drink to that.

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Beer Punks
Beer Punks

They need to work on opening another Taco Asylum

Don Gregory
Don Gregory

Thanks Greg Daniels.... So glad that you and your partners saved this local area gem...

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