[UPDATED: NEXT WEEK!] Next OC Weekly-KCRW Good Food Happy Hour February 7 at the Bruery in Placentia!


Updated, with new info on the bottom...

ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 8, 8 A.M.: All right, gentle readers: it's time for our next Happy Hour in conjunction with KCRW-FM 89.9's Good Food with Evan Kleiman, and we're going to do something different for the next one, which is February 7. Instead of flooding an awesome bar and imbibing their wonderful cocktails and gorging on their food food, we're going the craft beer and luxe lonchera route in honor of our coming Drinking Issue, which will celebrate OC's many fine craft breweries. And since we're doing this, we must go to OC's undisputed shrine: the Bruery in Placentia. And since the Bruery doesn't sell food, we're going to invite some of our favorite luxe loncheras to feed the masses. WHOA...

Photo by Chris Victorio
Evan Kleiman with some random lunatic, at a previous awesome OC Weekly-KCRW Happy Hour...

All the specifics to come, as usual, very soon, but here are the basics for the newcomers: there will be a $5 brew special from the Bruery and $5 food specials from the luxe loncheras. There'll be giveaways in the form of cookbooks and local food goodies. There'll be music in the form of some iPod, and much merriment. More importantly, the event entrance is FREE! So save the date, tell your pal, and see you there! And watch this page for the coming specials!

UPDATE, JAN, 14, 8:30 A.M. And we have the trucks! Soho Taco, Taco Maria, and Seabirds will provide the food for the Happy Hour. Next week, they'll announce their $5 food specials, although I'm pretty sure Taco Maria's Carlos Salgado will has as his contribution the bone-marrow quesadilla that I raved about on Good Food last month. What veggie must-eat will Stephanie Morgan unveil? What dining DESMADRE will Gabriel Zambrano unveil? Stay tuned!

UPDATE, JAN. 22, 8:30 A.M. And here are the $5 specials.

Seabirds will have Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Caramelized Chestnuts and Chile Oil. YUMM...

From Carlos Salgado of Taco María: mini-bone marrow quesadilla, or chips, salsa and agua fresca.

From the Soho guys: a shrimp taco, chips, and salsa.

(Reminder: both Soho and Taco María fry their chips to order, so don't think they're trying to make like Mexicans and do a piratería on you).

Per Aaron Horowitz at the Bruery: "Two 5 gallon batches of beer made exclusively for this event. The first will be Humulus Lager with whole jasmine. Humulus Lager, a beer we call an IPL or India Pale Lager, is one of our most popular beers and any variation is usually a draw for us in the Tasting Room. The second will be Tart of Darkness--a sour stout aged in bourbon barrels--with cherries and vanilla. This event will be the first time anyone will be able to try this year's variation of that beer."

A drink of each beauty, of course, will be $5.

The tapping begins when the event starts, at 7 p.m. Start lining up NOW.

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