Greenleaf Gourmet ChopShop Selects Second OC Location

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Greenleaf's Antioxidant Orchard

With a compound name like Greenleaf Gourmet ChopShop, it can be mistaken for vegetarian or carnivore eats. We still can't believe they sprouted last spring. Its spot on the corner of 17th and Westminster streets in Costa Mesa is bustling on a Tuesday, long after happy hour is over. So it's no surprise that they want to keep the momentum going. It just caught us off guard when we were told where.

Actually, the plot thickens when we're told where they almost expanded to. Our reliable intel disclosed that a cafe at South Coast Plaza is on its way to Splitsville. Ah, another casualty of our economy. Instead of planting roots there, however, Greenleaf decided to mix it up.
Their market, which doubles as to-go pickup area.

Location number two is sitting pretty in (drum roll, please) the newly christened OC Mix. While not in the same building as Shuck or Seventh Tea Bar, it will be near another green-- Rolling Greens, to be exact. Another Costa Mesa location? Hey, for staying in the same city, they couldn't have picked a better locale.

Whether they decide to continue the wine or juice bar remains a mystery. We're sure a few of their future neighbors will have an opinion on that. Expect an unveiling this spring, and the  inevitable plea for a parking structure soon after.

Anne Marie Panoringan
Turkey melt on pretzel bread, with caramelized onions Gruyere and sauteed spinach.

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