Dunkin' Donuts Plans Expansion to Southern California

Yes, East Coast expatriates, you read that right. Dunkin' Donuts, pretty much the doughnut monopoly in the East Coast, is coming to California.

According to a statement issued by CEO and Head Donuteer Nigel Travis, the huge chain is actively recruiting franchisees in SoCal, with the intent of opening the first Dunkin Donuts' in 2015. In just two years, you'll be able to order your large, light and sweet and French cruller.

The question is, will Dunkin' Donuts succeed where Krispy Kreme couldn't? Can they overtake the Cambodian doughnut dough cartel? We love our fancy doughnuts on the West Coast, and even when we're not gobbling down fresh strawberry doughnuts at Donut Man or drooling over photos of the soon-to-open Sidecar Doughnuts in Costa Mesa, we're in line at a small, independently owned doughnut shop. Still, expect huge lines as legions of New Yorkers, Bostonians and everyone in between goes for a taste of nostalgia.

Of course, if you can't wait until 2015, you can always get your fix at Camp Pendleton. It's in the Pacific View MCX (Marine Corps Exchange) on Vandegrift Boulevard, just inside the main gate at Oceanside. You don't need to show an ID to purchase doughnuts, but getting on the base without a military ID depends on the current security situation, the camp's own needs, and frankly your attitude. If you succeed, buy a servicemember (or a servicemember's family) a coffee.

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They will be trendy for a little while......had donuts and coffee in Mass. didnt think they were all that.  3-5 years then there out............


@Lajimmy:    Dunkin' Donuts has GREAT coffee!! Their donuts back in the 80s USED to be top shelf . . . but sadly, they cut back on the cost and quality of their donuts' ingredients and the Cambodian Cartel's donuts are now the best you can find in SoCal. But like Starbucks, no matter what franchise you hit, DD's coffee is ALWAYS dependably the same. Still, if you don't like their joe, none of that matters. But a DD coffee with real cream and real sugar? Nuthin' better IMHO! :D

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