[UPDATED: TOMORROW] Gustavo to Do Book Signing for Taco USA Dec. 6 at Santa Ana Library, Along With Soho Taco and Taco Maria!

Gabriel (at left) and Carlos, il cappos di tutti tacos--did I conjugate that correctly?

When I was invited by the SanTana Public Library to do a book signing Dec. 6 for my Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America, I was asked if perhaps I knew about Soho Taco and Taco María, and whether I could invite them to sell at our shindig. Know them? I stalk them haha!

And so that's how it's come to be that not only will I have a book signing, but we'll have a mini-clustertruck as well.

My signing starts at 6 p.m. NEXT THURSDAY at the SanTana Public Library, 26 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, (714) 647-5250. Soho (run by Gabriel Zambrano) and Taco Maria (run by Carlos Salgado) will sell starting at 5 p.m., until 8 p.m. My strategy to enjoy the two: get a taco from each, an agua fresca from Taco Maria, a quesadilla from Soho, then a burrito from Maria and nachos from Soho (they're on the secret menu--don't say I told you!) to go home.

Lecture is FREE; books and tacos, BARATOS. See you there!

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