Make It Mexican With Roland: Tamales

4. Make Tamale Origami
LP Hastings

Now you must fold your tamale for cooking! Fold the tamale into thirds. Begin by folding one side to the middle of the filling, and then fold the other side over that. Then grab that end that does not have masa on it (you left that part, right?), and fold it up towards the center of the husk. You're making a pseudo-burrito, which isn't too hard, but you want to ensure that no masa or filling will seep out.

5. Wrap It Up
LP Hastings

When your tamale is ready, wrap it up with wax paper--the way they do at fast-food restaurants. This part is simple, but it's a key step. Not only does the paper keep the tamale intact, but if you don't put enough water in the pot when you're steaming them, you will smell the paper burning before your tamales are ruined.

6. Prepare Your Pot
LP Hastings

You must, must, must have the correct pot to cook your tamales in, says Roland. You will need a large stock pot, and a steamer basket or grate that will hold your tamales above the water. You can buy the stock pot/steamer combo at restaurant supply stores or at some Mexican markets. When you have attained this handy piece, put the steamer in the pot and fill the water right up to it. It's okay if the water goes a little bit above the steamer because this will end up evaporating anyway.

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