OC Brew Ha Ha Folks Debut "OC Brew Ho Ho" Ale Fest THIS SATURDAY at the Phoenix Club!

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We love those crazy kids over at the O.C. Brew Ha Ha, the county's best craft-beer get-together. And now, we love them even more--not just because they're debuting a much-needed ale fest at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim this Saturday, but for the name: the OC Brew Ho Ho. OF COURSE...but still, HILARIOUS!
There'll be 50 breweries present, with the usual Murderer's Row of locals: Haven, Noble Ale, Bootlegger's, Cismontane, and TAPS is the short list. Slater's 50/50 will provide grub, among others, and the cost of a ticket is $45, which includes a festival glass and unlimited three-ounce samples.

All the information you need (address, hours, how to buy tickets) is right here. What's this Saturday? No baseball, no college football, no pro football--it's drinking time, cabrones. And, as the name of this column states, hops to it!

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Location Info

Phoenix Club

1340 S. Sanderson Ave., Anaheim, CA

Category: Music

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