Honey Pig Korean BBQ Opens In Irvine

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Edwin Goei

As Shuji reported a long while ago, Honey Pig, the Korean BBQ joint that specializes in samgyeopsal (pork belly), is coming to Irvine. It has finally opened. There are other Honey Pigs in LA's Koreatown, in La Palma, and a Wako Honey Pig in Buena Park.

Some are related to the other by loose familial ties and they all have that specialty in common, as well as the domed cooking surface on which you sear and render your fatty pork slices into crispness.

I described it once as looking like a shield from the armory of Sparta, and the domes the Irvine store use also certainly look like the others. And just like the other stores, after your meal is over they will offer to make you fried rice with the leftover kimchi on top of the same pork grease-slicked metal. Consider it dessert.

14171 Jeffrey Rd Irvine, CA 92620 (949) 651-9005 

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