Grilled Cheese Spot in Santa Ana Finally Open--YAY!

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I got a text on Sunday from the mysterious Ben Dayhoe of SanTana that the Grilled Cheese Spot--the latest culinary effort of the Crosby guys, this one focused specifically on grilled cheese sandwiches--was doing a soft opening. Was I interested?

HELL YA! Unfortunately, I had just polished off a gargantuan bowl of pozole and other yummies, so I would have to wait until their official opening, which at the time hadn't yet been determined.

Well, gals and germs: the time is NOW!

Got a Facebook message from Crosby guy Chris Alfaro that the city just gave them their final sign-off, which means they're now officially open for business. I haven't swung by yet, but I'm hearing great things--a build-your-own-'wich option, or preset orders involving roast beef, turkey, and other wonderful things. AWESOME!!!

So, the particulars: the hours are Sun.-Wed, 11 a.m.-8 p.m., and Thur.-Sat., 11 a.m.-11 p.m. And the address is 318 W. Fifth Street in big, bad SanTana. GOGOGO AND BUYBUYBUY!!!

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Lilly Mena
Lilly Mena

Wishing The Crosby guys much success!!!


Yeah buddy! Hopefully the good guys of The Crosby/GSpot won't have to jump too many hurdles to get their 4AM CUP approved by the City/Planning.Thanks for the shout out G-man!

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