Gentleman's Club, Fritz That's It, Wants Cans So You Can See Cans for Free!

Categories: Really?!?!?
Wish I could show actual cans, but we're a family newspaper...

Oh, Fritz That's It, you magnificent Anaheim gentleman's club you, where many pro athletes blow off thousands of dollars to get gyrated on by your beautiful honeys: how can anyone ever hate you? And now, you're letting people in for free if they donated canned goods? Mensches, I tells ya: MENSCHES!
The deal is fiendishly simple: During December, go to Fritz's, donate two cans of food, and you'll get a free admission for January or February. That's it--no other catches. All the cans go to the Orange County Food Bank.

Hmm...I wonder if that cute German-Chinese girl who said she was a grad student at Cal State Fullerton is still around...

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