5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Restaurant's Website

3. Flash-based Websites

Another local restaurant has a website that's kind of cute in a kitschy sort of way, but it's the perfect example of why purely Flash-based websites need to die. It's slow, it's clunky, and, honestly, it hurts more than it helps.

For one, search engines can't index text in Flash files, so if you're googling something you saw on their menu, you're going to end up empty handed. Oh, and you can't look at it on your phone.

Sure, if you have a recent enough version of Flash installed, if you're on a desktop, if you allow every script object to run, and if you click around for a bit you can find the menu, hours, and location of the restaurant, but if you want to send your friend a link? Maybe have him look at a menu? Good luck.

2.Misspell Your Restaurant Name
Come on guys, you're better than this
This is a no brainer, right? No one needs to be told to spell their name correctly in their URL. Right?

Apparently, bánh-mì-purveyor-to-the-masses Lee's Sandwiches didn't get the memo. Where do you go if you want to visit the sandwich store's official webpage?

www.leesandwiches.com. And, according to the site's WHOIS information, Lee's Andwiches' website was created in 1998--the same year Google was born.

Stranger still? The correct spelling, www.LeesSandwiches does exist, but it redirects to the misspelled URL. Why not have it the other way around?

1. Not Have a Website
Kaisen, noooo
Guys, websites are important. Yelp, Facebook and Google aside, having just a simple webpage people can reference is super helpful. You should be proud your restaurant, so why make it so I have to reference photos of your menu someone else took with a shitty camera and uploaded online whenever I'm trying to decide where to eat? Your website doesn't even need to be complex, just don't screw anything up and you'll already be ahead of the curve.

Charles Lam is the Seattle-based editor of the Northwest Asian Weekly, a former Weekly intern and forever Weekling, and misses Orange County food greatly. He'll be feeding Forkers listicles every week! You can follow him on Twitter @charlesnlam.

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